Mistakes to Avoid When Dressing Up

Everyone has had fashion disasters and that is part of learning. However, certain fashion disasters can make you look really funny. Here are few mistakes you should avoid making:

 Caking Yourself in Makeup

Many people have this misconception that applying a lot of makeup will make them look flawless and beautiful. This is wrong as too much of makeup can make you look like plastic, this is why layering yourself with foundation isn’t the key to looking flawless. Instead you should follow strict skincare, eat healthy and drink a lot of water to truly get a natural glow. You could always enhance your looks by applying the right makeup products for example instead of applying layers of foundation, you could hide your skin imperfections by applying green concealer. Also you should apply a bright colour lipstick as this will divert the attention from your skin to your lips. Make sure you never go overboard with makeup that is if you go for a heavy eye makeup go for a nude lipstick or vice versa. Makeup can truly make you attractive or even ruin your look if you don’t apply it right.

Not Dressing For the Occasion

It is very important to dress according to the occasion, otherwise you will end up looking overdressed or even underdressed. Always invest in different kind of clothes to suit various occasions. If you feel like your wardrobe needs to be updated, then checkout Australian clothing boutique store online, as they make deliveries as well. This will save time as you don’t have to go to different stores to find the right outfit. You should follow the few basics as well that is avoid wearing dark colours during a day time outing and always go for a natural makeup look for your lunch dates. However, at night you could dress up a little extra that is go for bold lip colours and wear heels instead of shoes.

Not Experimenting With Your Looks

Nobody wants to look like a clown by going for a haircut which doesn’t look good on them or trying different kinds of outfits which they are not comfortable in. However, experimenting with different looks will help you understand what truly looks good on you and what doesn’t. This is why you should always be up for a change whether it is cutting your hair or going for a complete different hair colour. Remember hair grows back so even if you don’t like your haircut you could grow it back by taking care of it. Similarly, if a particular hair colour doesn’t look good on you, it can be corrected. So don’t hold yourself back with experimenting, you only live once so try different outfits, go for different looks but make sure you don’t overdo it.

Lastly, choosing the wrong accessories can totally ruin your look. Always pair up your accessories very carefully. For example a necklace would go well with a dress instead of your tee shirt, similarly wedding jewellery don’t always go with western outfits. If you aren’t too sure about which accessory to go for, you could always Google and save yourself from a fashion disaster.

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